How do I project the screen on the projector?

The specific operation steps of how to use the computer screen projector:
First, start the projector and laptop, use HDMI HD cable to connect the video input interface of the projector to the video output interface of the laptop;

Second, after the connection is successful, it will display whether the external device is connected to switch the signal source, if it is not displayed, it does not matter, as long as the remote control press the up key, the signal source will appear, and then select HDMI, press OK to switch successfully.

Third, switch the projection mode on the laptop through the shortcut key Windows keyboard +P key.

The specific operation steps of how to use the mobile phone to project the screen:
1. Click “Settings”
2. Click “Other Linked Devices”
3. Click “Projection Screen”
4. Turn on the switch behind the projection screen
5. Click the refresh button in the upper right corner and connect to the setup signal of the smart projector.
6, so that the phone screen can be shared with the projector.