How do you sync your computer’s web version of video to your TV screen

Mobile phone projection screen watching TV can be through a variety of boxes, sticks! So how do you sync a video from a computer web page to your TV screen? Don’t worry, today I will teach you.

First of all, we need to understand that the mobile screen projection on the TV is directly using Mircast, Airplay,DLNA path. What about computers? Windows 8 and 10 support Mircast screen projection, so syncing your computer screen to your TV screen is in principle supported.

Wireless screen projector is the third party equipment is true, but he avoids the bondage of HDML cable, and there is no copyright problem, but also to meet the needs of business meetings, some people issued such a sigh: only the image clone screen, and mobile phones, tablets, PC computers, display screens need a large number of data communication channels.

Step of connection (take Bijie Interactive box product as an example)

  1. Connect the Bijie interactive box to the display screen (TV screen, LED screen).
  2. Insert the signal port of the Bijie interactive box into the computer (link the piglet via USB)
  3. Find the icon on your computer screen.

Do you understand the two methods of syncing web versions of video on your computer to your TV screen? The other thing is that there’s a fundamental difference between the computer screen and the TV screen and the mobile screen, do you notice that? The main difference here is the difference between push and the same screen, mobile screen projection is push function, but here is the web version, so can only use the same screen. ps: AirPlayer 2 screen mirroring is the same screen technology.