There are two ways to connect the

mobile phone to the projector. One is to realize synchronous projection by connecting the WiFi signal of the projector through the mobile phone, with the help of DLNA projection protocol; Another is to connect the mobile phone with the projector through the conversion line from the mobile phone data port to HDMI, and then select the corresponding mode output. The details are as follows:

1. Wireless projection. The display device must support the protocol of wireless projection.

1. Generally, apple devices can choose airplay projection. Just make sure that the projector supports the protocol and is in the same WiFi network as the mobile phone, and then open the control center of Apple device and click [screen image] to search the projector, After finding it, click to select it to project the screen to the projector for display;

2. Android phones also ensure that they are in the same WiFi network. Open the mobile phone [settings] – [more connection methods] – [wireless display], find the name of the projector in the list and click to cast the screen;

2. Android phones can also connect to HDMI cable through mobile phone data port

1. Generally, you can buy an adapter with a mobile phone data cable connection port, a power port and a video output port output to TV;

2. After connecting in turn, Android phones generally need to turn on the [USB shared network] option in [other wireless connections], and some need to turn on the [USB debugging] option in [developer options]; When the adapter is powered on, the video signal can be projected onto the TV.

III. screen projection through Bijie screen projection software

1. Connect the mobile phone and screen projector to the same network, open [Bijie Internet app], find the name of the projector in the list, and click to projection;