How to choose a wireless screen projection device?

wireless screen projection device is a device that can share the picture and sound of a device to the large screen. The simple understanding is: small screen becomes large screen. The common situation is that mobile phones, computers and tablets are projected onto the large screen. So how to buy wireless projection equipment?

1. Determine what problem you want to solve?


most of the friends who buy wireless projection equipment encounter a problem: they want to replace wire in other ways. Then the solution to this problem is to use wireless projection equipment. Then the problem you need to solve is to use wireless projection equipment to realize the functions previously realized by wire.

2. What are the usage scenarios? (now and in the future)


are actually: who uses the equipment at what time and where.

for example, if it is used by leaders in meetings, the equipment design should be simple and easy to use. Moreover, it should be highly stable, and leaders do not want to encounter accidents. When you have problems using equipment in important business occasions, the loss is very huge. So ask yourself, what are your usage scenarios?

3. What is the most critical factor you want?


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is the core. For example, for the same equipment, some people are concerned about performance, some people are concerned about stability, and some people are concerned about picture quality. Therefore, there are different products to meet your needs. At this time, you should clearly know what is the most important. For example, common meeting scenarios: the most important thing is simplicity and efficiency; If it is a design company, most of them need the function of two-way control between devices to share inspiration at will; There are also some companies with high professional requirements, which will have requirements for picture quality and refresh rate. If there are no special needs, it depends on whether the basic parameters of the equipment are enough for your daily use.


are like wireless projection equipment, which are the following points:


1 Transmission frequency, what technology is used for transmission;

2. Transmission rate is how fast the transmission is;

3. Penetrability, what kind of barrier to penetrate;

4. Transmission distance, how far it can be transmitted;

5. Characteristics and advantages;

6. Price;


how to buy wireless projection devices?

to summarize:

1 What do you want?

2. What scene?

3. What is the most critical factor?

find out these problems and you can choose your wireless projection device.