How to choose the wireless projector and which brand is good?


wireless projectors and which brand is good? How to choose


wireless projectors and which brand is good? From the brand to the price of the wireless projection screen in the market, let alone one hand can’t count, even if you can’t count another 10 hands, your eyes are dazzled, and you don’t know which to choose from a pile of incomprehensible data. In the end, it’s not easy to choose one, and it’s not easy to use when you buy it back. For the consumer experience, it’s extremely poor.

but don’t worry. After reading this article, you may know how to choose wireless projection devices!

1. Determine whether to use

at home or in business meeting rooms and multimedia classrooms. The price of using

at home is relatively cheap. Within 500, the function is relatively simple. It has only one basic function of projection screen, which is mainly used for family viewing. For example, mobile phones and computers are projected on TVs and projectors. The price of


enterprise screens is generally more than 1000 yuan, but they are stable, interactive and functional. The screen projection function of mobile phones and computers is only a prerequisite. The enterprise screen projector is also known as “wireless conference sharing and cooperation system”, which is mainly convenient for presentation and interaction.

2. How to choose commercial projector?

choose the wireless projection brand to see the length of time

today, with the rapid development of science and technology, a technology company that can make profits for more than ten years has its unique products.

depends on the usability of products.

the ultimate goal of choosing a brand is to choose a good product, and the convenience of using scientific and technological products is the most important. Even if a perfect product is bought back, it will be a failed shopping experience to find that the operation process is complex and the operation is cumbersome. For wireless projection products, it is the most simple and efficient to connect the device to the screen!

wireless screen projector

3. Choose wireless screen pre-sales service

for terminal consumers who are not professional in the wireless field, many professional terms and product data are completely unknown, so that there is no perfect concept of what kind of screen projection equipment they need for their own environment! So pre-sales service is a very important shopping experience.

4. After sales service

at present, enterprise wireless projector manufacturers have tacit support for 7-15 days of free trial. Generally, there is no reason to return goods for 7 days on the e-commerce platform, which gives us a chance to try and make mistakes.