How to display mobile games on TV

Do you think the screen is too small when playing games on your mobile phone? In order to get a better game experience, it is absolutely the best choice to display mobile games on TV. So what are the ways to complete the game projection?


There are two kinds of general screen casting methods: wired display and wireless display

1. wireless display

1.1 The mobile phone has its own display function

Android mobile phones use the miracast protocol, which has different names on different mobile phones. Some are called miracast, some are called wireless display, and others are called multi screen interaction. We just need to make sure that the device is in the same network, turn on the screen casting function on the mobile phone and TV, and will automatically search and connect the device;
Apple’s mobile phone uses the airplay protocol. We find the screen image in Apple’s control center. We also need to ensure that Apple and TV are connected to the same network. Turn on the screen image function, Apple’s mobile phone will automatically search for the TV device, and then click Connect.

1.2 Through the third-party software and hardware to display

Install the BiJie display software, then ensure that the mobile phone and the display device are connected to the same router, the app will automatically search for the display device, and click to start display.

BiJie interactive box supports mobile phones, tablets, computers and TVs. After connecting the box with TVs, we can find options such as multi screen interaction, wireless display or screen mirroring in the “Settings” interface of mobile phones or tablets, start the wireless screen projection function of mobile phones, select BiJie devices and connect them, and the mobile screens can be synchronously displayed on the display devices.

2.wired connnection

The wired connection is usually through the HDMI cable to connect the mobile phone and the TV. The HDMI interface on the TV is a digital interface for image transmission, which can transmit audio and video signals at the same time. If it is an Android phone, we only need to buy an HDMI to type-C or a normal charging interface to connect the cable. If it is an Apple phone, we need to buy an HDMI to lighting interface cable.

When everything is ready, just connect the device with the wireless display adapter cable.