shares two methods of wireless screen projection to the computer. It is easy to operate and can be seen at a glance. It is suitable for wireless screen projection to the computer of Android mobile phone and apple mobile phone. The connection is stable, the picture quality is clear, and it is easy to use for personal testing!

method 1: use the windows built-in projection tool

to use the computer every day, but no one knows what its built-in hidden functions, such as screen recording, screenshot, wireless projection, etc., can be realized without downloading any software.

tell us how to use the screen projection function of windows system. It should be noted that only win10 has this function.

open the settings of the computer, click [system], and then click [project to this computer] on the side. On the right, when you agree, some windows and Android devices can be projected to this computer, select [all locations can be used], and then select it according to me.

then turn on the screen projection function in your mobile phone, find the computer device and connect it to the screen without using any tools.

is very convenient to use, but there are restrictions. For example, if your computer is win7 or your mobile phone is iPhone, you can’t use the built-in projection function. At this time, you need to use some professional projection software.

method 2: use professional projection software to projection

there are many professional projection software. If you don’t know what to use, you can use [Bijie projection], which supports multi terminal mutual projection and simple operation.




Bijie screen projection supports not only mobile phone screen projection to computer, but also mobile phone screen projection TV, computer screen projection TV, computer screen projection mobile phone, computer screen projection computer, mobile phone screen projection mobile phone and other operations, which can basically solve most screen projection problems.


are the two methods of wireless screen projection on the computer, which can be selected according to your actual situation.