How to screen cast on LG TV

How to do on TV

The following methods are about how to operate on TV. One is to use box or dongle for display, the other is to install software on TV. Choose one of the two methods, and both can be used.

1. Use Box or Dongle

You can use projector for display, take the commercial projector as an example, such as BiJie Box/Barco ClickShare/VIA or buy a consumer wireless dongle on Amazon(may be unstable).

BiJie’s Meeting Box supports BJCast / Airport / GooleCast / Miracast / WiDi / DLNA. You only need to connect the box to the TV through the HDMI cable. It also supports multiple mobile phones to cast the screen at the same time.

2. Install APP ON tv

If your TV is smart TV, you just need to download BJCast, and the BJCast has the following features

Wireless Display Protocols:

BJCast supports a variety of wireless transmission protocol AirPlay / Google Cast / DLNA / BJCast

Multiple Operating Systems:

BJCast supports iOS 6·7·8·9·10·11·12·13 / macOS / Windows XP·8·10 / Android / Linux, BiJie can be compatible with mainstream operating systems

Multiple Applications:

BJCast supports iTunes / YouTube / Safari / Chrome / Netflix / Hulu More

 Encrypted transmission:

BJCast is transmitted over the network when your personal photos and videos (AirPlay) using encrypted transmission

More advantages:

Video hardware acceleration (improve the efficiency of 40% shows), high-resolution images (4K), background service mode, set personalization features such as device names.

                          Download Application