How to screen cast QQ Music on TV? How to set it up?

QQ Music Screen TV Listening to Music? The music listening services provided by QQ Music to users are very simple, with various trial sounds of good quality. They can also be projected onto the TV to listen to music at any time, and the operation method is simple

1. Open QQ Music and click on the three icons in the upper right corner of my interface.

2. At this point, a interface will pop up, click on the settings in that interface.

3. After entering this interface, click on QPlay and car music functions.

4. After entering the QPlay and car music interface, turn on the audio function, and then go to the audio settings to turn on the audio function.

5. Enter the song playback interface and click Click on the icon, pop up a dialog box, then click on QPlay, and finally select the device to play the current song in QPlay.