How to set up an extended screen for laptops?

To set up an extended screen for a laptop, you can follow these steps:

  1. Confirm the interface types of the laptop, common ones include Thunderbolt 3 interface, Type-C interface, HDMI interface, and some older models also have VGA interface.
  2. Connect the monitor and ensure that the connection cable matches the corresponding interface of the laptop and monitor.
  3. Open System Settings, find Display Settings, and select Multiple Display Settings.
  4. Select “Extend these displays”, which will allow you to extend the screen to external displays.
  5. Adjust the resolution of the monitor to match your needs, which can be adjusted in the display settings.
  6. Adjust the display order as needed to ensure that the main screen is the display you want.Save the settings so that the extended screen can be used normally.

If you encounter problems, such as the image not filling the entire screen, you can try adjusting the automatic adjustment button on the monitor, or make more detailed adjustments in the display settings.