How to set up screen mirroring – iOS screen mirroring?

The screen mirroring function of iOS allows users to project real-time content from their phone screen onto a TV or large screen, achieving a more comfortable and convenient experience. Here are the steps to use the iOS screen mirroring feature:

  1. Connecting to the same wireless network

Firstly, ensure that your phone and TV or large screen are connected to the same wireless network. On an Apple device, open the Control Center, click on the “Screen Mirroring” icon, and enter the Screen Mirroring interface.

  1. Search Device

In the screen mirroring interface, you can see the available display devices. Click to select the device you want to connect to achieve screen mirroring. If the device supports AirPlay functionality, you can also directly click on the device name to connect.

  1. Adjusting screen projection settings

After successful connection, you can see the current screen resolution, frame rate, and audio track information in the screen mirroring interface. If you need to adjust the screen projection settings, you can click the “Adjust” button to make the settings.

  1. Start screen casting

During the screen casting process, the screen casting can be controlled through the control center. For example, you can click the “Stop” button to end the screen casting, or adjust the volume, etc.

It should be noted that when using the screen mirroring function, it is necessary to ensure a stable network connection between the phone and the TV or large screen, otherwise there may be picture lag or disconnection. In addition, there may be differences in the screen mirroring function between different devices, and specific operations can refer to the device manual or relevant guidelines.

In addition to screen mirroring, iOS devices also support other screen mirroring methods. For example, the screen mirroring function can be achieved through Bluetooth connection, or third-party screen projection software can be used for screen projection. Different screen casting methods have different operating steps and requirements, and it is necessary to choose the appropriate screen casting method according to the specific situation.

In short, the screen mirroring feature of iOS is a very practical technology that allows users to more conveniently project the content on their phone screen in real-time onto a TV or large screen, enjoying a more comfortable and convenient experience.