How to solve the problem of “your computer cannot project to other screens” when the computer of Win10 system encounters screen projection?

If a Win10 system computer encounters an error message saying “Your computer cannot project to other screens” during screen projection, this is usually caused by an incompatibility between the graphics card driver and the Win10 system. The main solution to this problem is to update the graphics card driver. The following are the specific operating steps:


  1. Download and install graphics card drivers compatible with the Win10 system from the official website of the graphics card or laptop. Ensure that the downloaded driver version matches your Win10 system version.
  2. Use the automatic update feature of the Win10 system to update the graphics card driver. In the computer settings, select “Update and Security”, then click “Check for Updates” to find and install the latest graphics card driver.
  3. Use software such as Driver Genie or Driver Master to update graphics card drivers. These software can automatically detect and download the latest drivers that are compatible with your computer.

If none of the above methods can solve the problem, it may be due to hardware devices not supporting computer projection to other screens. In this case, you can consider using wireless screen mirroring devices to achieve computer to TV screen mirroring.

Wireless screen mirroring is a professional cross platform, screen sharing device that consists of a sender and a receiver. Connect the receiver box to the display screen, and then start the transmitter on the computer (which can be started through USB buttons or apps), so that the computer screen can be wirelessly projected onto other large screens.

Of course, we have another method, which is to use a wireless screen projector. Wireless screen projector is a professional wireless screen projector that can easily project computer screens onto other devices, whether it’s a TV, phone, or tablet.

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1. Computer connection method:

Open the Bijie Meeting Box, click on the notification bar in the lower right corner of the computer screen, and click on the “Connect” function; Or press the shortcut keys “Win”+”K” to bring up the screen projection interface; The system will automatically scan the wireless display device, select the display device that needs to be projected, click connect, and then start the projection.

2. Mobile phone connection method

Open the Bijie Meeting Box, go to the “Settings” interface on your phone or tablet (or use the Android screen dropdown menu shortcut), click on the option called “Multi screen Interaction”, “Wireless Display”, “Screen Mirroring” or “WLAN Direct Connection” to activate the wireless display function on your phone. Then select the Bijie Meeting Box and connect it, and the phone screen will be displayed synchronously on the display device.

The above is the method to solve the screen projection problem of Win10 system computers, hoping to be helpful to you. If the problem persists, it is recommended to seek professional technical support.