How to use AirPlay? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

AirPlay is a feature that allows Apple devices (usually iPhones) to share media (such as videos, images, and music) with other devices (such as TVs and monitors) in dual screen mode, as long as they are all on the same network. This means that AirPlay can only function when both devices are connected to the same Wi Fi network, within Bluetooth range, or using Ethernet cables to connect to the same router.

For example, if you want to stream music from iPhone to Bluetooth speakers, AirPlay is a convenient way. The same goes for videos: If you are watching YouTube videos on your iPad but want to watch them on a larger screen, AirPlay is the fastest way to maintain seamless viewing.

AirPlay is similar to Apple’s Airplay mirroring, but screen mirroring is typically used to copy the entire display to another device, such as a projector or TV.

How to use AirPlay

  • From iPhone to TV: After opening the selected media, locate the AirPlay icon and select it. Under “Speakers and TV”, select the device you want to play media in a separate space. Select the device under “Speakers and TV”.
  • From iPhone to Mac computer: There is no direct AirPlay way from iPhone to Mac, but you can download third-party applications or use Apple screen mirroring.
  • From Mac to TV: To transfer AirPlay from Mac to TV, first make sure that your Mac’s system preferences have AirPlay enabled.

什么是 AirPlay?如何使用 Apple 的媒体共享功能

Ensure that your AirPlay Display is enabled by selecting the device name.
  • From any Apple device to Apple TV: Ensure that all devices are on the same Wi Fi network. If you see the AirPlay icon, you will know if AirPlay is supported.
  • From Apple device to Roku: Before attempting AirPlay, please check to ensure that the compatible Roku is enabled for AirPlay and connected to the same Wi Fi network.

The advantages of airplay

  • AirPlay is one of the simplest ways to share and stream media from a device to speakers, televisions, or projectors.
  • If Wi Fi, Bluetooth, or Ethernet connections remain stable, content can be seamlessly streamed without latency.
  • All new iOS devices support AirPlay, and this feature does not require any settings or configurations like other streaming outputs.

Disadvantages of airplay

  • AirPlay can only be used in one application at a time – this means you cannot stream YouTube videos to Apple TV while also streaming Spotify to Bluetooth speakers.
  • Based on your Wi Fi connection, AirPlay may encounter difficulties, occasionally dropping or freezing completely, which may require troubleshooting.
  • Perhaps the biggest drawback is that AirPlay is almost entirely exclusive to Apple. Non Apple devices may require downloading other software to use AirPlay.