How to use multi screen interactive TCL? Connection usage method

1.Where can I find the multi screen interactive function on TCL TV?

1. Download and install the TCL Multi Screen Interaction app on your phone, and connect both your phone and TCL to the same WiFi network (otherwise your phone will not be able to search for TV).2. Open the TCL multi screen interactive application on your phone, then select Connection Settings on the interface and select the TCL TV you want to connect to.

3. After completing the connection, you can remotely control the TV, share photos, videos, and other content on your phone, or use your phone to voice control the TV.

2.Where is multi screen interaction?

The steps to connect a TV with a multi screen interactive mobile phone: Firstly, it is necessary to confirm that the TV is a smart TV, which supports the “multi screen interactive” function. Not all TVs can be connected through a mobile phone. If “multi screen interaction” is supported, the following steps can be followed:1. The TV is connected to the home wireless WiFi, which can generally be found on the system settings page;

2. Mobile phones can download “multi screen interactive” apps in the app market, which are generally available in the app market;

3. Connect your phone to the home wireless WiFi network, and it must be on the same network as the TV;

4. Open the “Multi screen Interaction” app on your phone, and usually the TV will give a prompt indicating that your phone is connected to the TV;

5. Through the built-in functions of the mobile app, it is easy to operate the TV, including playing TV images, pushing mobile videos, music, and pictures to the TV, and installing software for the TV. Multi screen interaction refers to a function in the home network environment where media terminals connect devices through wireless WiFi to share multimedia information together.

Click on “Settings>Advanced Settings>Multi screen Interaction” in the phone menu, or pull down the notification bar and click on “Switch>Edit>Multi screen Interaction”.

3.How to operate multi screen interaction?

1. Enter services.msc in the Start menu to access Windows services.2. Open the “SSDP Discovery” and “Windows MediaPlayer Network Sharing Service” services in the Windows service, right-click and set them to start (automatic start)

3. Set up the network Set the wireless network type of the current computer to “Home Network” in Control Panel \ Network and Internet \ Network and Sharing Center.

4. Open WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER and click on “Allow remote control of my player” and “Automatically allow devices to play my media”, while keeping WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER open. Select “Allow” in the more streaming options.

After completing these steps, you can open the multi screen settings and discover that the device has already been discovered. If the device is not found, please check the settings or restart the player and phone, try a few more times, as the discovery may be slower.

After clicking to enter, you can see that the content of the player has changed, indicating success.