How to wirelessly project a screen onto a TV in the projection Mac? Multiple methods make it easy for you to achieve

Option 1: AirPlay protocol built-in for Mac computers for screen mirroring (mirrored screen mirroring)

Specific steps:

1. Ensure that the Mac is connected to the same network as the projection device;

2. Open the “Play Across Space” button in the upper right corner of the Apple computer;

3. Select the screen mirroring device and start mirroring the screen.

Option 2: Install the Bijie screen casting client for screen casting

Specific steps:

1. Download and install the Bijie projection Mac transmitter software from the Bijie official website at//www.bijienetworks. com/download;

2. Ensure that the computer is connected to the same router as the screen projection device, find the name of the device you want to project, and click start screen projection.

(In “screen casting code mode”, enter the screen casting code to cast the screen.)

Option 3: Bijie Wireless Screen Projection Terminal

The above two screen projection methods are very convenient, but if you are using them in a conference room or for teaching purposes, the projection effect may not meet the requirements, the network may be unstable, and there may be defects in sound and image quality. Therefore, you can choose the Bijie wireless screen projector.