What are the displays that support wireless projection? Release time: 2021 / 06 / 21 00:00

we often say that mobile phones can be connected to televisions and computers by miracast protocol after all. Today, Xiaobian will introduce us which monitors support wireless projection.


are three common wireless projection protocols: miracast protocol, airplay screen mirroring protocol and DLNA push protocol. We only need our monitor to support any one of them, which can be wirelessly projected through the corresponding equipment or software.

miracast protocol: a screen projection protocol with a wide range of application scenarios and a large number of users. The vast majority of today’s mobile phones, tablets, laptops, computers, televisions, projectors and all-in-one machines are supported. Because the wireless projection screen has only begun to drum up in recent years, most of the previous ones were not supported.


miracast protocol expression form: it is called wireless projection or many screen interaction [called wireless projection on Computer]. Don’t be silly to find miracast protocol on mobile phone or TV. Directly find wireless projection screen or many screen interactive functions on our devices.

airplay screen mirroring protocol: airplay screen mirroring protocol is a special protocol for Apple devices, which requires Apple’s official authorization.

airplay screen mirroring protocol: it is called screen mirroring on Apple phones, tablets and MAC computers.

screen projection with wireless transmission – multi screen interaction has become the mainstream

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DLNA push protocol: DLNA push protocol is mainly selected by various video apps, such as the [TV] logo on the program playing pages of iqiyi, Tencent TV, Youku and other video apps.

music broadcast multi screen cooperative projection device is compatible with these three protocols. In addition, it also supports Google cast. The sender supports mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, desktop computers, cameras and high-resolution cameras… It supports Android, IOS, windows and MAC systems on the system. The receiver selects HDMI cable connection, that is, it can project the screen wirelessly only by using the HDMI receiving interface of the display.


, while some other projectors on the market use Android system, that is, they only support miracast protocol. Application principle of


wireless projectors


accept the compatibility of various projection protocols of the box through the wireless projector, and then connect with the large screen through HDMI line, and then be satisfied with the wireless projection of various devices. In other words, the wireless screen projection cooperation only exists between our transmitter equipment and the wireless screen projector box, and the simplicity of the display is a display effect. Even if the sending end equipment cannot support the screen projection, it can also conduct wireless screen projection as long as the sending end software or USB and HDMI hardware are plugged in.