Mac mirroring – How to use keyboard shortcuts to mirror a Mac onto a large screen?

Many of us use our MacBook as a desktop computer by connecting external displays and other peripheral devices while working from home. In addition, sometimes you may connect your Mac to a TV or projector for demonstrations, etc. Regardless of your usage scenario, the following is how to use keyboard shortcuts to use a Mac monitor on an external monitor.

The shortcut key that allows you to quickly mirror your Mac monitor to an external monitor is Command+F1. All you need to do is press Command and F1 simultaneously, and your Mac screen will mirror onto the monitor, TV, projector, etc. In addition, you can press the Command+F1 combination again to return the external display to its original direction.

This is just a simpler way to change the extended display settings. No need to access system settings and then change the display settings from primary or extended display to mirrored display. However, what if you still cannot use the Command+F1 shortcut to mirror the display of a Mac?

  1. Open System Preferences

Select “Apple Icon”>”System Preferences” in the Mac menu bar.

  1. Select “Display”

In the system preference settings, select the “Display” option.

  1. Select mirrored display

In the tab of the monitor, select the drop-down menu for mirrored displays. You can choose to mirror the currently selected display or mirror all displays.

  1. Confirm Settings

In the confirmation dialog box, select “Yes” to confirm your settings.

Now, your Mac screen should have been mirrored and displayed on another device or projector.

Please note that these steps may vary depending on the Mac model and operating system version you are using. If you encounter any problems, please refer to your Mac user manual or online help documentation for more assistance.