Mobile screen projection – iQOO How to project a phone screen onto a TV


Android phones support wired connections, MHL wired connection is actually the name of the HDMI mobile version, but since Android 4.4, there have been fewer and fewer phones that support this feature, and it is even difficult to find a phone that supports MHL screen mirroring.

Wireless display

Android phones also support wireless screen mirroring function. Generally speaking, regardless of the brand of phone, while ensuring that the phone and display are under the same WiFi conditions, in Settings – Network and Connection, click on more connection methods to see the wireless display options, and then click to match.

Software screen projection

Of course, in addition to using the built-in and wired projection of the mobile phone system, we can also choose to use some software to achieve the projection function, such as Bijie projection. Many video software also supports screen mirroring function, which can be achieved by clicking the mirroring button on the playback page.

Hardware screen projection

Whether you are a smart TV or an old-fashioned non smart TV, or you only have one computer monitor, the Bijie Multimedia Collaboration System can wirelessly project content from your phone or laptop.

  1. Connect the Bijie multimedia collaboration system to a monitor or TV using an HDMI cable;
  2. Open the wireless screen mirroring function on your phone or laptop to search for the ID of your Bijie device;
  3. After searching, click on Connect. Once connected, you can wirelessly project the content from your phone or laptop to your TV or monitor. It is very simple and practical, suitable for all current application scenarios.