Mobile screen projection – Samsung mobile screen projection TV

How do Samsung phones project their screens onto the TV? There are two ways to solve this: Samsung phones can use the projection device – Bijie Multimedia Collaboration System – for TV projection, or use Samsung phones’ one touch projection function to complete it. Below is a brief introduction to the method of using the Bijie Multimedia Collaboration System on Samsung phones for TV screen projection, as well as the setting method for one touch screen projection on Samsung phones.

Steps for TV screen projection using Bijie Multimedia Collaboration System on Samsung phones:

1. Connect the projection device to the TV, ensuring that the projection device is connected to the same local area network as the phone;

2. Open the “Smart View” in the Samsung phone control center and click on the name of the device that needs to be projected;

3. Select “Allow” in the pop-up window that appears on the TV, and click “Start Now” on the Samsung phone to complete the screen casting.

Samsung phone one touch projection screen TV setting method:

To use the one touch projection function of Samsung TV, you need to first enable the one touch projection function on the Samsung smartphone. Samsung smartphones can automatically display the content being watched on the phone by tapping the border of the Samsung smart TV

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Operation path:

Phone Samsung Connect application ->Menu ->Settings ->Enable one touch screen mirroring

When using the Bijie Multimedia Collaboration System for screen projection, users will not be limited by compatibility between projection devices, device system version errors, etc., which can lead to screen projection failure. In addition to supporting Miracast wireless screen mirroring, there are also AirPlay screen mirroring functions available for IOS system devices and computer wired screen mirroring functions. If you are using an IOS device for screen casting, you can choose to use the AirPlay screen casting function. The screen casting operation process is simpler, and the speed of establishing a screen casting connection is also quite fast, which improves the user’s screen casting efficiency.

The Bijie Multimedia Collaboration System can provide higher quality and simpler screen casting functions for mobile phones and televisions, and also diversify the application scenarios of screen casting, allowing it to play a more diverse role and effect.