Movie projection, how to use wireless projection technology to build a home theater at home,

TV screen is getting larger and larger, but the price is also getting more and more expensive. While we pursue large screen viewing, the cost is also getting higher and higher. How to create an exclusive home theater with the least cost has become the pursuit of many people. So how to create a cinema viewing effect at home?

the hardware equipment of the cinema viewing effect

large display screen (LED screen is much cheaper than large TV), a wireless projector / wireless projector, a sound with good sound quality effect

the above is the hardware configuration of the cinema viewing effect. In order to achieve the effect of the cinema, a sound with good sound quality is essential, so it will not be discussed here, Today we are mainly talking about wireless projectors and projectors.

with the efforts of modern science and technology, how to combine the large screen of home and cinema is no longer a difficult problem. The emergence of home intelligent projection equipment has greatly expanded the viewing experience of users at home. You can easily experience the viewing effect of cinema with only a large LED display screen and a wireless projection device + sound.

of course, the projector can also be used, but the cost is high and there are many restrictions.

there are many people here to ask, why not use the projector? Because the projector is limited by the brightness and the size of the living room, Xiaobian is not recommended here. Because friends who have used the projector may know that the lumen of the projector and other factors need to be watched with the curtains pulled. Secondly, there is the need for sufficient space in the living room (the projection ratio parameter of the projector is generally 2.7m, which can project a 100 inch screen).

connection mode: take Bijie multi screen cooperative screen projection equipment as an example:

I. connect the sound and screen projector with the display. It is suggested to use wired connection. Although it is troublesome, the effect of wired connection is better and stable than that of wireless connection; Of course, wireless can also be.

II. Connection between signal source and projector. (whether smart phones, computers or tablets can be connected to the projector wirelessly, and the specific method is relatively simple)


III. after successful screen projection, watch the programs you want to watch. The linking mode of


projectors is simpler. The curtain is hung on the wall, and the projector and sound can be turned on. In terms of cost, the price of projector is higher.

because the projector uses a screen, it only needs to be hung on the wall, but the price of the wireless projector is lower than that of the projector, because the price of a special screen for the projector is equivalent to that of a wireless projector. The above two methods of


are the schemes provided by Xiaobian for users to create cinema viewing effect.