Multimedia Classroom – What are the multimedia classroom equipment available?

A multimedia classroom is a teaching environment that uses multiple media technologies for teaching. It mainly includes the following equipment:

1. Projection display system: composed of Bijie multimedia collaboration system, video display platform, smart TV or blackboard, etc., to complete the large screen display of various graphic and textual information.

2. Digital video system: mainly includes audio and video playback devices such as VCDs, DVDs, high-definition tracking cameras, recorders, etc.

3. Sound equipment: mainly composed of conference sound reinforcement system and multimedia audio and video system, to achieve on-site sound reinforcement and broadcasting in multimedia classrooms, combined with a large screen projection system, providing excellent audio-visual effects.

4. Environmental equipment: mainly refers to adjustable lighting, electric curtains, air conditioning equipment, etc., to ensure a good teaching environment.

5. Central centralized control system: Combining new achievements in computer technology and network technology, all media equipment in the entire multimedia classroom is centrally managed and controlled by the central control system.

Multimedia classrooms provide teachers with diverse teaching tools and methods, enabling students to receive knowledge more intuitively and vividly, improving teaching quality and efficiency.