Multimedia Collaboration System – Bijie Multimedia Collaboration System Mirror Mode Function Introduction, Usage Steps, and Application Scenarios

The Bijie Multimedia Collaboration System supports mirror mode, which allows for direct copying of content from one device to multiple devices, achieving screen synchronization across multiple devices.

So how exactly should we operate?

The following will introduce the specific operating steps:

1. Turn the device to the projection screen.

2. Click the settings button to enter the settings interface, click more, click screen mirroring mode, select mirror mode, click OK, and wait for restart.

3. After restarting, enter image mode, click the settings button, click screen mirroring mode, select the image source IP, and enter the IP address of another device.

4. You can copy the content of another device to this device.

Mirror mode applicable scenarios:

1. Enterprise education and promotion

Multiple display screens can be synchronized to promote corporate or educational content through mirror mode and wallpaper carousel function.

2. Multiple screen projection on mobile phones and computers

You can set the image mode of the Bijie multimedia collaboration system in advance. When the phone and computer project, multiple screens will synchronize the project content, which is convenient and intuitive.

3. Corporate meetings

Project the meeting content in mirror mode onto multiple screens, making it easier to watch during the meeting and improving meeting efficiency.

4. Smart education

Copying the content of the main screen of the classroom to the student’s secondary screen through mirror mode can enable students to view the teacher’s teaching content more clearly and improve learning efficiency.


5. Used for mall advertising and promotion

Use mirror mode on the large screen in the mall to synchronize the display of advertising content, making it visible on all floors, reducing labor and management costs.

The benefits of using mirror mode:

1. The display area is larger. After copying the content of one device to other devices in mirror mode, multiple monitors display the same image, making viewing clearer and more intuitive.

2. When used for teaching, the teacher’s main screen can be copied to the group screen for display on the same screen, making it easier for teachers to share courseware and improving teaching efficiency.

3. When used in large-scale meetings, it facilitates participants to see the meeting content clearly and improves meeting efficiency.

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