Projection – Bijie Car AR Glasses Projection Solution

The car mounted AR glasses intelligent projection solution launched by Bijie connects the car mounted host and AR glasses through a dedicated projection device, making it easy to project the content of the car mounted host to the AR intelligent glasses. The car host is connected to the projector through a USB interface, and the AR smart glasses are connected to the projector to project audio, video, images, and other content from the car host to the AR glasses, supporting synchronous transmission of audio and video.

In addition, during the ride, you can also easily project your smartphone onto AR glasses, directly open the projection function on your phone, find the device name corresponding to AR glasses, click on the projection, and enjoy an immersive viewing experience with ease. Compatible with Airplay, Miracast, and GoogleCast protocols, whether you are an Apple or Android phone, you can wirelessly project AR glasses without installing any software.

Bijie also provides customized services for automotive companies, which can develop exclusive multi screen interactive solutions based on the in car host system, achieving mobile intelligent interactive display between the in car large screen and AR glasses.

The car mounted AR glasses intelligent screen projection solution can not only be used in the new generation of cars, but also be compatible with old car models. This means that if you want to have a “car mounted mobile AR big screen”, you only need a dedicated projector to achieve it, rather than buying a new car, which is a cost-effective choice for both consumers and car manufacturers.



For consumers who do not want to change cars, they can also have a “car mounted mobile AR big screen”;

For consumers who want to buy a new car, there is no need to limit their choice space due to the feature of the mobile AR screen in the car.

Automobile manufacturers:

When designing a car infotainment system, adding the feature of a mobile AR large screen in the car requires additional costs. Developing hardware and using the Bijie car AR glasses intelligent screen projection solution provides car manufacturers with more choices, without the need to overly consider whether to add hardware.