Projection – Migu Video Projection TV Method

Migu Video is a film and television video app that many people are using. If you watch videos on your phone, the screen is too small to enjoy. So many people ask Migu Video how to project the screen onto the TV. So it’s not too late. Let me introduce Migu Video’s method of projecting the screen onto the TV.

Migu Video Projection TV Method

1. Firstly, we open the Migu Video app and then enter the homepage.

2. After entering the homepage, we click on a video we want to watch.

3. After entering the video, we can find a “TV” button in the upper right corner of the video, and we click on it.

4. After clicking, we need to have the app search for nearby devices that can be used for screen mirroring. We just need to click on our own device to connect.

The above is the method of Migu Video’s screen projection TV, hoping to bring some help to our friends.