projector projection, how to use the wireless projection equipment in combination with the projector,


found that many users want to add wireless projection function to the projector in the conference room at a relatively low cost.

today’s Xiaobian will introduce you to a commercial product for conference room applications, so that you can realize the wireless projection display of signals from laptops, mobile phones and even tablets at a low cost. In fact, Bijie multi screen cooperative wireless projection equipment is a product specially designed for wireless projection of mobile phones, tablets, laptops and computers to projectors in conference rooms.

how to add wireless projection function to the projector in the enterprise conference room

1. Connect the Bijie multi screen cooperative wireless projector with the projector through HDMI line, and then adjust the signal mode of the projector to HDMI, which is adjusted according to the selected connection line.

2. Wireless projection of notebook and computer: the wireless projection of notebook only needs to insert the USB key into the USB interface of the computer or notebook, and then press the button.

Bijie multi screen cooperative projection device can not only bring you a clean desktop and stable performance. Laptop users can share the content on the device by connecting the USB projection button to the USB port of the computer, and can move freely. They don’t have to worry about interrupting the sharing signal due to cable falling off or line aging, or video output interface mismatch, Affect meeting content sharing. Even the wired equipment that was put in the conference room in case of emergency is not needed.

user troubleshooting

1. Definition after wireless projection

Bijie multi screen cooperative projection device supports 4K HD output, so don’t worry about unclear problems.

2. After wireless projection, whether the screen will not be full due to different display scales.

notebooks and computers can adjust the computer resolution respectively according to the display scale of the projector, from 1920 * 1080 resolution down to 1024 * 768 resolution. Because the projector is very proportional, you can also directly force the full screen through the [one button full screen] function in the background of the projector.

3. What if there are not enough USB keys?


Bijie multi screen cooperative screen projection equipment not only supports USB keys, but also has a dedicated screen projection app, one click screen projection.