Screen casting -3-second screen casting from mobile phone to TV, with built-in screen casting protocol for Android and Apple operating steps
The only thing to pay attention to in today’s method is that our phone and TV need to be in the same WIFI, so that they can be detected and connected to each other. The specific operation steps are as follows:
  1. Now let’s start setting up. Open the settings on your phone ->Network and Connection ->More Connection Methods ->Select “Wireless Display”
  2. Then open “Turn on wireless display” so that we can display our TVs, TV boxes, and other devices under the same WIFI. We just need to click on the device name displayed below to connect;
  3. The connection was successful. At this point, our phone screen has been displayed on the TV. Then, when we operate anything on our phone, it will also be displayed synchronously on the TV. You can browse web pages, watch videos, and play games all at once.
Apple devices are the same and very simple
  1. First, slide up on the taskbar and find “AirPlay”
  2. Find our large screen device, click on connect, and then turn on mirroring

Because the phone model and TV model are different, there may be differences in the display depending on the system version. However, the effects are basically the same, and some older phones may not have this feature. You need to download software for screen projection, such as Bijie.