Screen casting – How does Huawei phone screen cast? Simple and common methods sharing

Option 1: Use Huawei’s built-in screen projection function.

1.On Huawei phones, go to “Settings” – “Device Connection” – “Screen Projection” and turn on the “Screen Projection Switch”.

2. Install and run the “Huawei Screen Projection” software on a Windows computer, which will automatically search for nearby screen projection devices.

3. Select “PC suite” on the Huawei phone for screen mirroring connection, and confirm that the connection is allowed on the display device.

After a successful connection, the Huawei phone screen will be projected onto the display for remote operation and browsing.

Option 2: Use the Bijie Multimedia Collaboration System.

The Bijie Multimedia Collaboration System supports HUAWEIcast+screen casting protocol, so you can directly cast without downloading any software.

1. Connect the monitor to the Bijie wireless projection terminal; Ensure that the phone and the projection device are connected to the same network.

2. Go to “Settings” – “Device Connection” – “Projection” on the Huawei phone, select “Wireless Display” or “Projection (Small Screen Projection)”.

3. Find the name of the Bijie screen projection device and connect it to project the Huawei phone screen onto the display device.

Option 3: Use third-party screen projection applications.

1. Download and install the Bijie screen projection application on Windows computers and Huawei phones.

2. Open USB debugging on Huawei phones and confirm the installation of drivers and connections.

3. Open the Bijie screen casting application, select “Scan code screen casting” or “Screen casting code screen casting”, and then enter the screen casting code on the monitor or scan the QR code to connect; Once the connection is successful, you can start projecting the screen.

Option 4: Use the wireless debugging feature of the developer options.

1. On Huawei phones, click “Settings” – “About Phone” – “Version Number”5to 10 times to activate the developer option.

2. Enter the developer option and turn on the “Wireless Debugging” function.

3. In the Windows computer command line, enter adb connect IP address: port number (the IP address and port number can be viewed on Huawei phones).

4. Enter adb shell wm size 1080 × 1920 in the computer command line to see the Huawei phone screen in the window.

5. Remote operations on Huawei phones can be achieved through the adb shell and adb shell input commands.

By using the above methods, it is easy to project and project Huawei phone screens onto Windows computers for remote control and management. However, during the operation process, attention should be paid to the network connection status and screen projection security settings at both ends.