Screen casting – How to achieve screen casting of Xiaomi TV on mobile phones and computers?

Xiaomi TV supports multiple projection protocols, including DLNA, AirPlay, and Miracast. These protocols allow users to project multimedia content such as videos, music, and photos from their mobile phones or computers onto TV screens. Through screen projection technology, users can enjoy the audio-visual feast brought by the large screen, enhancing their home entertainment experience.

Introduction to screen projection methods

Xiaomi TV provides multiple screen projection methods to meet the needs of different users. The following are several common screen projection methods:

1. Wireless screen projection: By connecting to the same Wi Fi network, project content from a phone or computer onto a TV screen. This method does not require connecting wires and is simple and convenient to operate.

2. Cable screen mirroring: Connect your phone or computer to a Xiaomi TV through a USB or HDMI interface to achieve higher definition screen mirroring. This method requires connecting wires, but it has higher stability.

3. Mirror projection: By projecting a phone or computer screen image onto a TV screen, synchronous display is achieved. This method is suitable for situations that require a demonstration on TV or multiple people watching the same content together.

Introduction to operating steps

1. Wireless screen projection:

Ensure that your phone, computer, and Xiaomi TV are connected to the same Wi Fi network;

Open the screen projection application on your phone or computer (such as Xiaomi TV Assistant);

Search and connect to Xiaomi TV devices;

Select the content you want to project and start the project.

2. Wired screen projection:

Connect your phone or computer to Xiaomi TV via USB or HDMI cable separately;

Select functions such as “mirror projection” or “file projection” on Xiaomi TV;

Select the content you want to project and start the project.

3. Mirror projection:

Enable the mirroring function on the device to be projected;

Select the “mirror projection” function on Xiaomi TV;

Search and connect the device to be projected;

Start mirroring the screen.

Precautions and problem-solving

The projection function of Xiaomi TV provides users with a convenient and efficient home entertainment experience. Through various screen mirroring methods such as wireless, wired, and mirroring, users can easily share multimedia content from their phones or computers on the TV screen. When performing screen mirroring operations, attention should be paid to issues such as network connection and device settings to ensure a good user experience. If you encounter any problems, you can refer to the official website or user community’s solutions for solutions.