Screen mirroring – How to use iPad screen mirroring? Steps for setting up iPad screen mirroring

IPad mirroring can be set up through the following two methods:
Using the built-in screen mirroring function of the system
IPads all have built-in screen mirroring function, which can project the screen content of the tablet onto another display device.
To use this feature, please follow the steps below:
-Connect your tablet and display device, such as a TV or projector, to ensure they are on the same Wi Fi network.
-Swipe down the top status bar on the tablet, find and click the “Projection” or “Mirror” button, and then select the display device you want to connect to.
-The screen content of your tablet should now be displayed on the connected display device.

Using third-party applications

If your iPad does not have built-in screen mirroring function, or if you need more customization options, you can use third-party screen mirroring applications, such as the Bijie Tou Screen APP.
Bijie projection can establish a wireless connection between the tablet and other devices, and project the screen content of the tablet onto other devices.

The steps and settings for using these applications may vary depending on the application. Please follow the instructions provided by the application.