Screen mirroring – Use Reflector 2 to mirror iPhone/iPad screens to Android or Samsung TV

IOS and Android are completely different systems, so when you want to mirror screens between them, it requires a more challenging process. When you mirror an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch screen to such a cross platform receiver (such as a Samsung TV or other Android device), Reflector 2 can be of help.

What is Reflector 2?

Reflector 2( )Also known as Android Reflector 2, it is a wireless mirror and streaming receiver that can be used with any Android device. It allows you to display computer screens or iOS devices on any Android device or Android supported TV (Samsung and Sony TVs, TCL TVs, Sharp TVs, VIZIO TVs, etc.). However, Reflector 2 for Android makes it difficult to mirror Android screens to Samsung or Sony TV. You need to first use Reflector 2 to mirror the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch screen to an Android device, and then use Google Cast to mirror the screen to a TV with built-in Google Cast.

You need to:

  • AiPad Pro /2/3/4/ Air / Air 2/ mini,iPod touch 5/6,iPhone15/14/13/12/11/ XS / XR / X /8/7/ SE /6/5/ 4S
  • TV that supports Android, such as Samsung TV/Sony TV with Google Cast
  • Android phones that support Google Cast


To mirror an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch to a Samsung/Sony TV

Step 1: Mirror Androdi phone to Samsung TV/Sony TV

Enable the same Wi Fi connection for your Android phone and Samsung TV. Due to the slightly different Google Cast protocol used by Samsung devices and the possibility of requiring assistance from a free Google Home application to connect to Reflector2. You can download it to a Samsung phone, then go to “Applications”>”Settings”>”Enable” Screen Mirroring “to select a Samsung TV.

Step 2: Mirror iPhone/iPad to TV

Run Reflector 2 on your Android phone. Afterwards, on your iOS device, slide up from the bottom of the screen to access the control center. From there, click on the “AirPlay” option. Then click on the name of your Android device from the list. The screen of the iOS device should now be mirrored to the Android device. Meanwhile, the screen on Samsung phones will be displayed on Samsung TVs.

This process is a bit complicated. However, you can easily gain market share between the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch screen, and Samsung TV.