bj60s, bj62s, bj72s and bj80 of Suzhou Bijie Network Co., Ltd. can realize the anti control function of screen projection.


Bijie products support the anti control of Android device and windows device. The anti control of


Android device is only effective in miracast mode, and the anti control of windows device can be supported in widi direct projection and PC client projection modes. Widi anti control of win10 computer needs to turn on “allow mouse, keyboard, touch and pen input from this device”.

anti control steps:

1 Connect the box and the large screen with a touch cable.

2. Use the Bijie box to project the screen of the mobile phone or computer.

3. After the projection content is on the screen, click the large screen display area to pop up the function button to start the anti control function.

4. To exit the anti control, click the “exit anti control” button above to end the anti control.

benefits of using the reverse control screen:

1 Teachers and students can more flexibly and conveniently demonstrate the courseware and teaching content on the wireless screen, making the teaching process more simple, vivid and intelligent.

2. Provide customers with more intelligent and convenient office services and improve work efficiency. In the meeting, you can also directly control the projection content through the large screen to make the meeting more efficient.

3. Can better increase the user experience.

4. High flexibility, innovation and improve work efficiency.