Screen Projection – How does a phone project screen onto a TV? 5 Simple Methods to Collect Well

Method 1:
Connection method for Android phones:

  • Turn on the TV and make the TV and phone in the same WIFI mode. Open the phone and find 【 Settings 】 – 【 More Links 】 – 【 Wireless Screen Projection 】,
  • Then click on [Wireless Screen Projection], and the bottom will show that you are searching,
  • Subsequently, the mobile phone will search for the TV device it is on, click to connect, and the text currently being connected will appear below,
  • Wait for the connection. After a successful connection, the wireless screen mirroring connection will be displayed.

Method 2:
Connection method for Apple phones:

  • Connect the TV and phone to the same WIFI
  • Turn on the [Mirror] function on your Apple phone, search for the TV model and connect it to project the screen onto the TV.

Method 3:
Using Bijie Wireless Screen Projection Terminal

  • Connect the Bijie wireless screen projection terminal to the TV; Ensure that the projection device and mobile phone are connected to the same local area network;
  • Pull down the mobile notification bar, open wireless screen mirroring, search for mirroring devices, and click to connect;
  • Once successful, you can proceed with screen mirroring.

The Bijie wireless screen projection terminal supports screen projection protocols such as Miracast, AirPlay, WiDi, Googlecast, HUAWEIcast+, etc., without the need for additional software downloads, making screen projection more convenient.

Method 4:

Use Bijie screen projection

  • First, install the Bijie screen projection app on your phone and TV
  • Then open the Bijie screen casting app separately and follow the screen casting instructions to operate.

Method 5:

Type-C adapter cable can be purchased for wired screen projection.