Screen Projection – How to quickly project a phone screen onto a computer?

Many times, we really have this need because looking at the phone screen for a long time can make our eyes really tired. If you project your phone screen onto a computer and turn the small screen into a large one, your eyes will not be so tired, and playing on the large screen will be more enjoyable and enjoyable. For example, when watching movies, TV shows, or playing games on your phone, the screen will be more stunning when projected onto the computer. So, how to project a phone screen onto a computer?

Mobile phone’s built-in “wireless screen projection”

Nowadays, most mobile phones come with this “wireless screen mirroring” function. As long as your computer system is Windows 10 or above, we can achieve wireless screen mirroring, and the mirroring effect is very good.

The operation steps are as follows:

Firstly, we press the win+i shortcut key on the computer keyboard to open “Windows Settings”;

2. Then click on the “System” option, and the system function menu list will be displayed on the left side of the window. By scrolling down the left list with the mouse, you will see “Project to this computer”. Click on it, and the “Project to this computer” settings interface will be displayed on the right side of the window;

3. Then click the “Start ‘Connect’ application to project to this computer” link, and the computer screen will enter the “Wireless Connection” state;

4. Then pull down the notification bar at the top of the phone screen, where there is a “wireless screen mirroring” button;

5. Click the wireless screen projection button, and at this time, a “wireless screen projection” window will pop up at the bottom of the phone screen, automatically searching for nearby large screens that can be projected. Clicking it will immediately project the phone screen onto the computer.

The benefits of using this method for screen projection are: 1. Less delay; 2. Can operate the phone with a mouse and keyboard; 3. The sound will also be projected onto the computer.

Disadvantage: Pre Windows 10 systems were unable to project screens using this method, which is also an unavoidable issue, as Windows 7 did not have a smartphone when it came out.