Screen Projection – In addition to AirPlay screen projection, the method of Apple phone screen projection to computer Mac

  1. Use AirServer software. Move the screen of an iPhone or iPad onto a computer, share the device’s screen together, and immediately present the iPhone screen on the computer.
  2. Use a USB data cable for screen projection. Firstly, connect the iPhone and Mac using a USB cable, then open the “Screen Projection” application on the phone, select the “USB” option, and finally find the connected mobile device on the computer. Click to achieve screen projection.
  3. Use AirPlay software for screen mirroring. Firstly, make sure that both the computer and phone are connected to the same Wi Fi network. Then, open the AirPlay software on the phone and select the corresponding computer device for screen mirroring. On a computer, you can receive screen mirroring signals through the “Screen Mirroring” feature on Windows or the “AirPlay” feature on Mac.
  4. Use the system’s built-in QuickTime Player for screen mirroring. Firstly, connect the iPhone and Mac using a USB cable, then open the system’s built-in software QuickTime Player in the application center. In the menu bar [File], find [New Movie Record], find the red [Record Button] in the [QuickTime Player] recording interface, click the small arrow next to it, and select your phone from the drop-down menu to project the phone screen onto the computer. In addition to screen projection, this method can also record the operation of the mobile screen into a video.

The above are several methods for projecting an Apple phone screen to a computer Mac. You can choose the method that suits you according to your actual situation.