Screen Projection – The method of projecting a mobile phone screen to a projector, and an introduction to the solution of integrating a projector with the Bijie SDK

First type: wireless screen projection

1. Open the projector, find the wireless projection, and turn on the Wi Fi Display function. Due to different projector settings, they may vary, but they are all similar.

2. Open your phone’s WiFi, search for the WiFi signal emitted by the TV/projector, find and click on the WiFi, and establish a connection. After successfully establishing the connection, the screen on the phone can be directly projected onto the TV/projector.

Second option: Bijie SDK integration

Bijie provides an SDK integration solution, and the projector can be applied. Install the Bijie projection app in the projector for free screen projection.

  1. Ensure that the phone and projector are connected to the same network.
  2. Open the Bijie projection software on the projector, and a QR code or projection code will appear on the screen;
  3. Open the corresponding screen mirroring software on your phone, scan the QR code or screen mirroring code, and complete the pairing connection.

Third type: wired screen projection

It has gradually become a popular trend for smartphones to use the latest Type-C interface for screen projection through Type-C to HDMI cable. Nowadays, most new phones use the Type-C interface. So, converting Type-C to HDMI and projecting the screen directly with a single cable is also a convenient and fast method.