Screen Projection – Win11 Screen Projection Xiaomi TV: A New Experience and Settings Guide

With the continuous development of technology, wireless screen projection technology is increasingly favored by people. Projecting a Windows 11 computer screen onto a Xiaomi TV can bring a more stunning visual effect and a more convenient operating experience. This article will provide a detailed introduction to the steps, techniques, and precautions for Win11 screen projection of Xiaomi TV, helping everyone easily achieve wireless connection between their computer and TV, and enjoy the audio-visual feast brought by the large screen.

Preparation work for Win11 screen projection of Xiaomi TV

  1. Hardware preparation

To achieve Win11 screen projection on Xiaomi TV, the following hardware equipment needs to be prepared:

(1)A computer running Win11;

(2)A Xiaomi TV;

(3)A wireless router that supports screen mirroring.

  1. Software preparation

On a Win11 computer, the following software needs to be installed:

(1)The “Xiaomi TV Assistant” application in the Microsoft Store;

(2)The latest firmware for Xiaomi TV.

Steps for Win11 screen projection of Xiaomi TV

  1. Connect Wi Fi

Firstly, ensure that the Win11 computer and Xiaomi TV are connected to the same Wi Fi network. Open settings on your computer and TV, enter network settings, and select the same Wi Fi network.

  1. Open Xiaomi TV Assistant

On a Win11 computer, open the Microsoft Store, search for and install the “Xiaomi TV Assistant” app. After installation is completed, open the application.

  1. Connecting to Xiaomi TV

In the Xiaomi TV assistant, click the “Connect” button and select the Xiaomi TV you want to connect to. Wait for a moment, the computer will automatically establish a connection with Xiaomi TV. At this point, a successful connection prompt message will appear on the Xiaomi TV screen.

  1. Start screen casting

After successful connection, the screen of the Win11 computer will be mirrored onto the Xiaomi TV. You can operate the Win11 computer on Xiaomi TV through a mouse and keyboard. In addition, you can also project the images from your phone or tablet onto a Xiaomi TV. Just open the corresponding screen projection application on your phone and select the Xiaomi TV you want to connect to.

Skills and precautions for Win11 screen projection on Xiaomi TV

  1. Adjusting Resolution

During the screen casting process, there may be issues with unclear or disproportionate images. At this time, you can adjust the resolution of the computer screen in Xiaomi TV Assistant. Choose the appropriate settings based on the display ratio and resolution of Xiaomi TV.

  1. Optimize network environment

The screen projection effect is influenced by the network environment. If you encounter issues such as lag or delay, you can try optimizing the network environment. For example, restarting the router or replacing it with a more stable network environment.

  1. Turn off firewalls and security software

Some firewalls and security software may prevent screen mirroring operations. Before screen casting, make sure to turn off the firewall and security software to avoid affecting the screen casting effect.

  1. Updating software and firmware

To achieve better screen mirroring, it is recommended to regularly update the software and firmware on computers, phones, tablets, and Xiaomi TVs. This can ensure compatibility and stability between devices.