Screen Projection – Xiaomi Phone Screen Projection Windows 10 Computer Operation

Xiaomi Mobile Screen Projection Tips:

Xiaomi phone screen mirroring can also be enabled in the dropdown control center, which has a screen mirroring shortcut key. By using this shortcut key, you don’t have to turn on screen mirroring every time you enter the settings.

Mobile screen mirroring is a very practical function. Through screen mirroring, we can project the content on our phone onto the large screen of the computer for display, especially when watching movies. The large screen is even more stunning, and we can also project and demonstrate PPTs. Xiaomi phones also support the function of screen mirroring to computers. Today, the editor will bring you a tutorial on how to screen mirroring to computers on Xiaomi phones, as well as instructions for screen mirroring to computers.

Xiaomi Phone Screen Projection Win10 Computer Tutorial:

1.We open the start menu bar of Win10 and locate the “Settings” button.

2. Go to the page and find the “System” option.

3. After entering the system page, we will find the “Project to this computer” option on the left, and then we will operate it on the page settings on the right as shown in the following figure.

4. Next, we open the Xiaomi phone, click to enter the settings page, and find the “More Connection Methods” button.

After entering the page, we will find the “Wireless Display” option.

6. Enter the page, click on My Computer, enter the PIN code prompted on the computer to connect.

7.If there is already a connection record, simply click on the name and the connection will be automatically made.

8.At this point, returning to the computer page will automatically pop up a connection page.

9. If the connection is successful, the phone screen will be displayed on the laptop screen, and you can upload videos from your phone to your computer, which is very convenient.