There are many kinds of wireless projection devices in themarket. How do users know which one they need to buy? We often encounter customers asking about the difference between cynap pure and bj72. We hope to make a comparative introduction to these two wireless projection products. Today, let’s analyze and compare bj72 and wolfvision cynap pure. Help users understand which device is more suitable for their needs.

Bijie interactive box bj72 and wolfvision cynap pure are wireless projection devices, which can provide wireless projection operation between TV screens or projectors through HDMI. But how do the two devices complete the screen projection operation, and what are the screen projection functions and effects? This is the key to the comparison between the two devices. Summary of

points bj72 supports airplay (for IOS / MAC), miracast (for Android phones), widi (for win8 / 10), googlecast (for chrome / chromebook), DLNA (for all streaming applications), bjcast (for Bijie APP). Cyplay / warp only. Bj72 provides a free platform for managing an unlimited number of devices from the cloud. Cynap does not provide device management tools. Bj72 supports multi frame interaction. Video / audio can be transmitted between the master bj72 and the slave bj72. Cynap does not support. Bj72 and cynap support up to 4 device projection screens and display 4 device screens at the same time. Bj72 provides SDK for third-party development. Cynap does not support. The list price of bj72 is $(USD) 1299 and that of cynap pure is $(USD) 4000. Comparison of projection function

bj72 and cynap have basic wireless screen projection function.

bj72 has the functions of electronic whiteboard and annotation, scanning QR code projection and short code projection, as well as the screen projection function of outsiders (realized by USB transmitter).


, but these projection functions are not supported by cynap.

cloud management platform

bj72 supports wireless screen projection unified management service platform

wireless display,airplay,googlecast,miracst can be privatized; Support up to 6 levels of group management for framework configuration; Support equipment statistics and maintenance; Provide screen code, QR code and other management functions; Configuration functions can be provided for equipment usage statistics, equipment restart, upgrade, etc. Usage of miracast: if WiFi is in station mode, miracast in cynap is in invalid state. If WiFi is in AP mode, miracast is in invalid state. If miracast is in a valid state, AP can be provided, but SSID and password cannot be modified. Bj72: if WiFi mode is running, miracast is also in effective state. If WiFi is in AP mode, miracast is also in valid state. The SSID and password of the AP are modifiable. Multi channel projection

bj72 and cynap support up to 4 device projection screens and display 4 device screens at the same time. These devices can be iPhone / iPad / MacOS / Android phone / Android pad / windows computing.

product comparison


bj72 and cynap are professional wireless projection products, which can be widely used in enterprise offices. However, B72 is obviously richer in functions, has the ability of large-scale deployment and management, and also has the ability to perform multi screen interaction in the intelligent classroom, and the price is cheaper.


make bj72 more cost-effective.

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