Skillfully use the wireless projection technology to open the touch control created by the speaker mode

iPhone in the conference room. Since the beginning of the new era of intelligent products, touch products are everywhere, and the touch experience of smart phones and tablets is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Nowadays, with its touch advantages, touch all-in-one machine has quickly occupied a large number of projector market. Touch brings human-computer interaction, and the wireless projection technology makes the intelligent conference touch all-in-one machine “live”. Today, Xiaobian will share with you the clever use of wireless projection technology, so that you can demonstrate freely in the conference room and improve the efficiency of the conference. Compared with the projector, the biggest advantage of


all-in-one machine lies in human-computer interaction, because when using the projector, we operate and demonstrate on the computer, but after using the all-in-one machine, we can demonstrate in front of the large screen, but how can the computer display synchronously with the all-in-one machine? At this time, we need professional business wireless projection equipment. The seamless connection between


wireless projection devices and intelligent all-in-one machine not only allows us to get rid of the shackles of traditional cables, but also makes use of the “back control function” of wireless projection devices, so that all our operations on the all-in-one machine can be back controlled to the computer, so that we can freely demonstrate on the large screen.

1. Convenient connection and easy operation: just connect the wireless projection devices together through HDMI cable.

2. Under the condition of easy use, it can maintain high-performance transmission: 1080p25 frames.

3. One click screen sharing at any time: you don’t need to switch or start in advance no matter what the state of intelligent conference touch is, whether it’s writing, PPT display, or the state of running large programs in windows. You can use a button with one click.

4. Transmission screen: reverse touch to meet various application requirements, such as paging ppt page.


5. Reverse operation: in traditional meetings, presenters demonstrate in front of the computer, but after the screen is cast, we can demonstrate in front of the all-in-one machine, which makes the interaction more timely and the effect more obvious.

6. With the addition of smart mobile terminal devices, our smart phones, tablets and other mobile smart terminals can also easily display the screen on the large screen.

7. Multi scene: the intelligent all-in-one machine is only a large display screen, but through the wireless screen projection equipment, it can not only meet our complex conference environment of more projection and display, one projection and display, and more projection and display.

wireless projection technology is a wireless transmission technology from one screen to another. In the conference room, it plays only an intermediary and a bridge. However, when the wireless projection technology is reasonably utilized, the value brought by the wireless projection technology to us is unimaginable. Opening the speaker mode is just an appearance. The real significance is that it makes our meetings more efficient and a single office equipment into an office system.