Smart Classroom – Advantages of Smart Classroom Transformation in Universities

The Bijie Multimedia Collaboration System, combined with teaching all-in-one machines, multimedia devices, and smart screens, creates a modern smart classroom. The smart classroom is a new modern smart teaching system based on Internet of Things technology that integrates smart teaching, environmental smart adjustment, video monitoring, and remote control. It is a form of digital classroom and future classroom, mainly solving problems and achieving results:

(1) Promote the implementation of teaching models such as blended learning, small class teaching, flipped classroom teaching, and exploratory teaching.

(2) Collection of classroom teaching information and promotion of process oriented teaching evaluation.

(3) Implementing classroom interactive teaching, transforming knowledge learning from personal and mechanical memory to a social, interactive, and experiential process.


Media and video interactive classrooms promote project-based learning

Media Video Interactive Classroom is an interactive classroom designed for project-based learning that is suitable for courses such as design, engineering, electronic technology experiments, and medicine. Students can easily input their own laptops, tablets, and smartphones through HDMI high-definition cables or WIFI to their audio and video display devices for interactive discussion and sharing of learning.

Remote interactive classrooms, creating a cross regional learning community

By utilizing a remote video system, real-time audio and video interactive teaching can be achieved on campus, between schools, and internationally, with high-definition recording of the teaching process. It supports cross campus, cross district, and international remote observation teaching, as well as synchronous teaching in different locations.

Multi window interactive classroom, enriching classroom discussion forms

By using mobile PADs, different signal sources, courseware, PPTs, on-site and remote videos, high-definition video signals, laptops, mobile phones, and PADs can be interactively delivered to the large screen.