Smart Classroom – Bijie Smart Classroom Construction Plan Multimedia Collaboration System

In the era of digitalization and intelligence, the education field is gradually moving towards interactivity and intelligence. The Bijie Smart Classroom solution has emerged, which improves traditional teaching methods through technological means, enhances student participation and learning outcomes. This article will introduce the basic concepts, core features, and application scenarios of smart classroom solutions.

Basic Concepts of Bijie Smart Classroom Solution

The Bijie Smart Classroom Solution refers to the use of wireless projection technology to transform traditional classrooms into a learning environment that supports interaction, collaboration, and innovation. This solution combines the needs of education and advanced technology, and achieves interaction and cooperation between teachers and students through tools such as multimedia devices, interactive whiteboards, and teaching software.

The core features of Bijie Smart Classroom Solution

1. Multimedia device support

Bijie Smart Classroom solutions typically include multimedia devices such as projection devices, electronic whiteboards, and audio devices. Teachers can use these devices to display teaching materials, video images, and other content, enrich classroom presentation forms, and enhance students’ interest in learning.

2. Interactive whiteboard

Interactive whiteboard is a built-in feature of Bijie’s smart classroom solution, which eliminates the need for installing a smart blackboard and saves costs. Teachers can write, draw, and interact with students in real-time on electronic whiteboards. Students can interact with the whiteboard through touch screens, pens, and other means to achieve classroom interactive communication.

3. Group interaction support

The Bijie Smart Classroom solution supports group interaction function, which teachers can use for group push pull interactive teaching and effectively promote student learning outcomes.

4. Networking and cloud storage

The Bijie Smart Classroom solution provides an RTSP interface that can be integrated with classroom recording and playback devices, facilitating teaching management and student tracking.

Application scenarios of Bijie Smart Classroom Solution

1. Primary and secondary school classrooms

The Bijie Smart Classroom solution has been widely applied in primary and secondary education. Teachers can use multimedia devices and interactive whiteboards for classroom teaching, and enhance students’ learning interest and participation through interaction and cooperation. Teaching software and cloud storage can facilitate teachers in teaching management and resource sharing.

2. University lectures

University lectures are another application scenario for Bijie’s smart classroom solution. University admissions are usually on a large scale, and the Bijie Smart Classroom solution can achieve interactive communication between instructors and students through wireless projection devices and interactive user boards. Teaching software can be used to display seating materials and provide online Q&A, enrich lecture formats, and improve students’ understanding and mastery of lecture content.

3. Training institutions

Training institutions are also one of the application scenarios for Bijie Smart Classroom solutions. Training institutions usually focus on interaction and practice. Bijie Smart Classroom solutions can be integrated through wireless screen projection devices, interactive whiteboards, and SDKs, providing rich training resources and tools to meet the learning needs of students.



The Bijie Smart Classroom solution is an important means of promoting educational innovation, improving teaching effectiveness and student participation through technological means. With the continuous progress of technology, Bijie Smart Classroom solutions will play a more important role in the field of education, promoting the sustainable development of education.