Smart Classroom – How does Smart Classroom interact in the classroom? What interactive features does the Bijie Multimedia Collaborative Smart Classroom Solution have?

With the continuous development of information technology, multimedia classrooms have become an important place for modern teaching. However, traditional multimedia classrooms have many problems, such as low teaching efficiency, insufficient teacher-student interaction, and difficulties in remote teaching. To address these issues, Bijie Multimedia Classroom Solutions have emerged.


The Bijie Multimedia Classroom Solution adopts the BYOD teaching mode, achieving wireless screen projection and screen sharing on mobile phones and computers, allowing teachers and students to more flexibly and conveniently demonstrate and communicate teaching content wirelessly, effectively enhancing students’ enthusiasm for participating in learning activities.

This solution provides multiple different models of multimedia collaboration systems for customers with different budgets to choose from, providing a centralized management platform that supports large-scale deployment and facilitates remote management by school operation and maintenance personnel.

Compared to the education all-in-one machine+OBS computer+software solution, the Bijie solution has advantages such as stable functionality and no need to install software on teacher and student devices; Compared to the one receiver, one transmitter hardware box solution, the Bijie solution has the advantages of no need to manage the transmitter hardware in the classroom, and no need to install software for teacher and student devices.

Multimedia Classroom Solution Functionality

This plan includes a Bijie multi screen collaborative host, multiple display terminals, microphones, cameras, and other devices, which are connected through a local area network to form a high-performance multimedia classroom network. In terms of software, this solution adopts advanced multi screen interaction technology, which can achieve real-time interaction between multiple screens, making communication between teachers and students more convenient and efficient.

01 Advanced Industrial Design

The product adopts an integrated structural design, with 2 built-in high-speed WiFi processing modules, a hidden high gain antenna, supporting 4K high-definition HDMI output, independent audio output, gigabit Ethernet interface, and USB expansion interface.

02 Wireless screen projection

Bijie Multimedia Collaboration System products support mainstream wireless screen projection protocols, and devices carried by teachers and students can be projected without the need to install any software.

03WEB centralized control management

Support unified and centralized device management and maintenance, remote control and management of operation and maintenance of online devices, facilitating unified management and deployment by schools.

04 Central control integration

It can be integrated and docked with the central control system to achieve the integration and linkage of multimedia teaching information equipment. It can control various functions of group interaction with one click, making it more convenient and efficient, improving teaching quality and efficiency.

05 Recording and broadcasting docking

RTSP interface can be provided, which can be integrated with the school recording and broadcasting system to achieve the recording and storage of teaching screen casting audio and video, helping teachers to review the classroom and students to learn new things.

06 Screen projection reverse control

The product supports screen mirroring and reverse control function. Teachers can use the touch screen to reverse control the mobile intelligent terminal that is currently mirroring, adding knowledge points or correcting errors in a timely manner.

07 Multi screen display

Support multiple mobile devices for simultaneous screen mirroring, and enable teachers and students to compare and display on the same screen, facilitating classroom interaction.

08 Information push

Support remote push function for images, videos, and subtitles, allowing for unified or specified playback of school teaching videos and notification information.

09 Whiteboard Annotations

Built in electronic whiteboard and same screen annotation function, teachers can annotate and comment on the screen projection in real-time.

10OPS linkage

It can be used in conjunction with the teaching all-in-one machine with its own OPS system, achieving linear display of the projection screen on the OPS system interface without the need to switch HDMI signal sources.

11 Weak network confrontation

We provide weak network transmission adversarial function, allowing users to smoothly and stably cast screens even at a network packet loss rate of 10% to 20%, and supporting display of screen resolution, packet loss rate, code rate, frame rate, and signal strength information.

In summary, Bijie’s multi screen collaborative multimedia classroom solution has multiple advantages, including improving teaching efficiency, promoting teacher-student interaction, and facilitating remote teaching. It provides strong support for the construction of modern multimedia classrooms and is the best choice for the education industry.

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