Smart Classroom – How to Build a Smart Classroom? Bijie BJ60S will tell you the answer

Bijie Internet provides BJ60s wireless screen projection equipment for the construction of smart classrooms in universities, promoting the modernization of traditional mode classrooms.

BJ60S is an enterprise level multimedia collaboration system device that is compatible with Airplay, Miracast, WiDi, and BJCast wireless projection protocols. It supports wireless screen mirroring and display on smartphones and PCs, making it the best choice for efficient office work, educational wireless display, and exhibition product releases for enterprises.

Main advantages

  • Wireless Same Screen: Supports wireless sharing and viewing of multimedia content such as movies, videos, music, PPTs, etc. from mobile phones, PADs, and PCs to terminal display devices such as televisions and projectors.

  • Hotspot coverage: BJ60S supports AP hotspot function and can provide local hotspot coverage.

  • Independent audio: Provides an independent 3.5mm audio output interface for easy integration of audio systems.

  • Support scaling: In the case of multiple screen projection, the target image can be enlarged by touching the icon.

  • Terminal compatibility: Intelligent terminal devices that are fully compatible with Android, IOS, and Windows systems, supporting Miracast ①, AirPlay ②, WIDI ③, and BJCast ④ protocols.

  • USB transmitter screen projection (optional): Optional USB button transmitter, PC (Windows/Mac) plug and play wireless screen projection display.

Suzhou Bijie Network Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of multi screen collaboration solutions. The company independently develops multi screen interaction and intelligent image processing technology, focusing on providing multi screen collaboration product solutions for the intelligent office and smart education industries, helping enterprises and schools improve office learning efficiency, solve communication and management problems, and make information interaction simpler.

Bijie Network has multiple independent intellectual property rights in the fields of intelligent image processing, wireless screen projection, and other technologies, and its technological level is at the forefront of the industry. The company provides professional wireless screen projection solutions for many well-known domestic enterprises and educational institutions, providing customers with more perfect solutions and thoughtful technical services.