Smart Office – Bijie BYOM Wireless Conference Smart Office Solution Helps Enterprises Transform Intelligent Meeting Rooms

With the rapid development of technology, wireless communication technology has penetrated into every aspect of our lives. In the field of enterprise conferences, wireless conference systems are gradually becoming the preferred choice for enterprises due to their convenience, flexibility, and efficiency. As a leading provider of wireless conference solutions in the industry, Bijie Company has launched the BYOM wireless conference solution, aiming to meet the diverse, personalized, and efficient conference needs of enterprises. Below, we will provide a detailed introduction to the principles, advantages, implementation methods, and application scenarios of the Bijie BYOM wireless conference solution.

Principles of Bijie BYOM Wireless Conference Solution

The Bijie BYOM wireless conference solution is based on cloud computing and wireless communication technology, by building a unified network platform that allows attendees to bring various mobile devices (BYOD) to participate in the conference. The core of this solution lies in its powerful multi platform support and optimized network transmission capabilities. During the meeting, audio, video, and data information are transmitted and processed in real-time, ensuring a high-definition and smooth meeting experience.

Advantages of Bijie BYOM Wireless Meeting Solution

1. Utilize old equipment and reduce costsWe provide boxes with HDMI output function that can be used to reuse existing display devices. In this way, enterprises do not need to purchase expensive conference all-in-one machines, greatly reducing costs.2. Multiple terminal options for flexible deployment

We provide multimedia collaboration systems with three different prices and configurations, high, medium, and low, to meet the diverse budgets and needs of users. Enterprises can choose and flexibly deploy according to their own situation.

3. Compatible with standard native protocols, no need to download projection softwareSupports BYOD function, wireless screen mirroring on mobile phones and computers, compatible with AirPlay Miracast, WiDi, Googlecast, HUAWEIcast+, BJcast screen projection protocols; Customers can choose to directly project the screen without downloading the software, making it easier to use.
4. Possess four sets of transmitter SDKs and provide comprehensive integrated interface solutionsWe provide a comprehensive integration interface solution that can be integrated with internal software systems within the enterprise. For example, OA office software, conference reservation systems, etc., users do not need to install additional software to use the wireless screen projection function.
5. Provide weak network transmission countermeasuresWe provide a weak network transmission adversarial function, allowing users to smoothly and stably cast their screens even with a network packet loss rate of 10% to 20%. We also support the display of screen resolution, packet loss rate, bit rate, frame rate, and signal strength information, ensuring smooth and stable performance during video conferencing.
6. Information release function to help enterprises strengthen cultural promotionWe provide information publishing function, which can play enterprise image posters, video promotional videos, notifications, and other information on the display devices in the conference room. In this way, enterprises can strengthen the promotion of corporate culture and brand promotion.
7. Can configure visitor screen projectorWe provide button transmitters with USB/HDMI/Type-C interfaces, so visitors do not need to log in to the enterprise intranet. Visitors can plug and play with one click screen mirroring.

8. The product comes with an AP hotspot, achieving internal and external network isolationVisitors can log in to the product’s AP hotspot, use software to screen, and maintain data isolation from the enterprise intranet.
9. Provide a unified management platform to improve work efficiencyWe provide a management platform that can be privatized and deployed, allowing for remote unified management and usage data statistics of conference room equipment. Enterprises can easily manage and control the equipment in all meeting rooms, improving work efficiency.

    Application scenarios of Bijie BYOM wireless conference solution

    1. Internal meetings within the company: Employees can use their mobile devices to participate in various internal meetings, improving communication efficiency.
    2. Remote Business Meetings: Business professionals can engage in remote business negotiations through the BYOM solution, saving travel costs.
    3. Academic seminars: Academic professionals can easily organize various seminars to promote academic exchange and cooperation.
    4. Government and public institution meetings: The government and public institutions can use this program to organize various training, seminars, and reporting meetings.
    5. Exhibition and Exhibition Activities: During exhibition activities, enterprises can use BYOM solutions to demonstrate and explain products, attracting customer attention.

    The Bijie BYOM wireless conference solution, with its high flexibility, powerful multi platform support, and high efficiency, meets the diverse, personalized, and efficient conference needs of modern enterprises. With the further development of wireless communication technology and the popularization of intelligent terminal devices, Bijie BYOM wireless conference solutions will be widely applied in more fields.