Smart Office – Bijie Efficient Collaboration+Flexible Office Smart Office Solution

With the continuous expansion of enterprise scale and the development of national layout, the number of conference rooms has also increased. It is crucial to unify the deployment and management. Nowadays, the development of intelligent conference rooms has gradually replaced traditional conference rooms. However, enterprises still face the following pain points in the process of intelligent transformation of conference rooms:

1. Conference all-in-one machines are expensive and cannot be deployed on a large scale;

2. The old display equipment needs to be refurbished, such as the original projector, conference room TV, etc;

3. Unified management and utilization of conference room equipment nationwide;

4. Integrate with internal software systems of the enterprise, such as OA office software, conference reservation system, etc;

5. There are too many meeting rooms, and using public screen mirroring protocols may lead to difficulties in searching and incorrect mirroring;

6. The promotional function of the conference room display equipment is missing.

In this context, Bijie Internet provides a comprehensive conference room solution for enterprises. By using the boxes and management platform provided by Bijie, enterprises can achieve low-cost and efficient intelligent transformation of meeting rooms. At the same time, Bijie’s solution can also be integrated with internal software systems of the enterprise, providing functions such as wireless screen projection and information publishing, meeting the needs of the enterprise for unified management and utilization of conference room equipment.

Bijie Enterprise Meeting Room Solution Functionality

  • Utilize old equipment and reduce costs

We provide boxes with HDMI output function that can be used to reuse existing display devices. In this way, enterprises do not need to purchase expensive conference all-in-one machines, greatly reducing costs.

  • Multiple terminal options for flexible deployment

We offer three different prices and configurations of boxes, high, medium, and low, to meet the different budgets and needs of users. Enterprises can choose suitable boxes based on their own situation and deploy them flexibly.

  • Compatible with standard native protocols, no need to download projection software

Supports BYOD function, mobile phones and computers can wirelessly project screens, compatible with AirPlay, Miracast, WiDi, Googlecast, HUAWEIcast+, and BJcast projection protocols; Customers can choose to directly project the screen without downloading the software, making it easier to use.

  • Having four sets of transmitter SDKs and providing comprehensive integrated interface solutions

We provide a comprehensive integration interface solution that can be integrated with internal software systems within the enterprise. For example, OA office software, conference reservation systems, etc., users do not need to install additional software to use the wireless screen projection function.

  • Provide weak network transmission countermeasures

We provide a weak network transmission adversarial function, allowing users to smoothly and stably cast their screens even with a network packet loss rate of 10% to 20%. We also support the display of screen resolution, packet loss rate, bit rate, frame rate, and signal strength information, ensuring smooth and stable performance during video conferencing.

  • Information release function helps enterprises strengthen cultural promotion

We provide information publishing function, which can play enterprise image posters, video promotional videos, notifications, and other information on the display devices in the conference room. In this way, enterprises can strengthen the promotion of corporate culture and brand promotion.

  • Configurable visitor screen projector

We provide button transmitters with USB/HDMI/Type-C interfaces, so visitors do not need to log in to the enterprise intranet. Visitors can plug and play with one click screen mirroring.

  • The product comes with an AP hotspot, achieving internal and external network isolation

Visitors can log in to the product’s AP hotspot, use software to screen, and maintain data isolation from the enterprise intranet.

  • Provide a unified management platform to improve work efficiency

We provide a management platform that can be privatized and deployed, allowing for remote unified management and usage data statistics of conference room equipment. Enterprises can easily manage and control the equipment in all meeting rooms, improving work efficiency.

Enterprise Cases

Our solution has been successfully applied to well-known enterprises such as Yonyou Cloud, Vanke, and Zhongtong Express Group, and has received their recognition and praise.

The “Seagull” intelligent conference box is a multi screen interactive product tailored by Bijie Network for JD Group’s enterprise information office needs. The product integrates Bijie’s most advanced wireless screen projection technology and product design concept, supporting mobile phones, Pads, and PC wireless mirror on-screen display. At the same time, Bijie provides JD Group with a mobile integrated SDK development package, deeply integrating Bijie’s wireless screen projection function into JD Group’s “Seagull” intelligent office system, achieving a comprehensive upgrade of JD’s intelligent office system. In the future, JD employees only need to open the enterprise APP client to control and operate the content displayed on the conference room screen, which is convenient and fast, and can greatly improve office work efficiency.

Bijie Network has tailor-made an intelligent conference room multi screen collaborative wireless projection system for Zhongtong Express Group. This system can provide multi screen collaboration between mobile devices such as mobile phones and computers and TV screens. At the same time, it integrates and interfaces with the internal IM system of Zhongtong Group, achieving the integration of internal communication system and conference room interaction system.

Suzhou Bijie Network Technology Co., Ltd. has reached a cooperation agreement with Vanke Group. In this cooperation, according to the information technology office needs of Vanke Group, Bijie provided it with an integrated SDK development package, which deeply integrated Bijie’s wireless screen projection function into Vanke Group’s office system, achieving a comprehensive upgrade of Vanke’s intelligent office system.

Suzhou Bijie Network Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of multi screen collaboration solutions. The company independently develops multi screen interaction and intelligent image processing technology, focusing on providing multi screen collaboration product solutions for the intelligent office and smart education industries, helping enterprises and schools improve office learning efficiency, solve communication and management problems, and make information interaction simpler.