Smart Office – Bijie Smart Office Transformation Solution for Large and Medium sized Enterprises

Large and medium-sized enterprises have a nationwide layout, with many conference rooms, possibly dozens, hundreds, or even thousands. There are the following pain points in the intelligent transformation of conference rooms:

1. Conference all-in-one machines are expensive and cannot be deployed on a large scale

2. The old display equipment needs to be refurbished, such as the original projector, conference room TV, etc

3. Unified management and utilization of conference room equipment nationwide

4. Integrate with internal software systems within the enterprise, such as OA office software, conference reservation systems, etc

5. There are too many meeting rooms, and using a public screen casting protocol may lead to difficulties in searching and incorrect casting

6. The promotional function of the conference room display equipment is missing

In response to these pain points, Bijie’s conference room solution for medium and large enterprises provides the following functions:

1. Provide a box with HDMI output function, which is low-cost and can reuse existing display devices;

2. Provide boxes with three different prices and configurations, high, medium, and low, to meet the different budgets and needs of users;

3. Provide a management platform that can be privatized and deployed, enabling remote unified management and usage data statistics of conference room equipment;

4. Provide four sets of transmitter SDKs and a comprehensive integration interface solution that can be integrated into the user’s office software. Users can use wireless screen mirroring function without the need for additional software installation;

5. Provide screen casting code function, users do not need to search for devices, and avoid accidental screen casting situations;

6. Provide information publishing function, which can play enterprise image posters, video promotional videos, notifications, and other information on the display devices in the conference room. Strengthen the promotion of corporate culture and brand promotion.