The advantages of the screen projection SDK Bijie SDK integration solution are mainly reflected in the following aspects

Highly customized:

The Bijie SDK integration solution can be customized one-on-one according to the needs of different car models and brands, ensuring perfect integration with in car systems and meeting the personalized needs of customers.

Strong compatibility:

This solution supports multiple operating systems and device models, and is compatible with mainstream smart devices such as smartphones and tablets on the market, ensuring the wide applicability of screen projection function.

Rich in features:

The Bijie SDK integration solution not only supports basic wireless image projection functions, but also has various functions such as USB wired projection, video app projection, and multi screen interactive system, providing rich application scenarios and user experience.

High definition image quality and smoothness:

This plan optimizes the audio and video content to ensure high-definition, smooth picture and sound quality during the screen projection process, providing a high-quality audio-visual experience.

Real time updates and technical support:

The Bijie SDK integration solution provides real-time updates and technical support, ensuring that the system can continuously adapt to new devices and application scenarios, and fix potential problems and vulnerabilities.

Easy to integrate and secondary development:

Bijie provides a complete set of SDK development toolkits, supporting multiple development languages and interfaces, making the integration and secondary development process simpler and more efficient.

Stability and reliability:

After strict testing and verification, the Bijie SDK integration solution has excellent stability and reliability, ensuring stable operation for a long time without crashes or malfunctions.


Good user experience:

By optimizing the operation process and interface design, the Bijie SDK integration solution can provide an intuitive and convenient user experience, allowing users to easily enjoy the convenience and fun brought by the screen projection function.

In summary, the Bijie SDK integration solution has been widely applied and recognized in the automotive industry due to its advantages of high customization, strong compatibility, rich functionality, high-definition image quality and smoothness, real-time updates and technical support, ease of integration and secondary development, stability and reliability, and good user experience.