The future of classrooms

As education strives to become less teacher-centered, smart classroom set-ups for more student-centered approaches.

What will classrooms look like in the future?

As I sit back and reflect on the last thirteen years I have been working in the elementary education field it blows my mind how much schooling has changed and continues to rapidly evolve. The traditional classroom pictured below in which individual desks are in rows facing the front of the room is becoming obsolete.

As education strives to become less teacher-centered, classroom teachers are ditching traditional teaching practices and classroom set-ups for more student-centered approaches. The trend of flexible seating is becoming increasingly popular in which students can choose where to sit and have more opportunity for movement throughout the day. I recently created a video, Classroom Cribs, in which a second-grade teacher took me on a tour of several different classrooms in her school.

Flexible seating.

Gone are the days in which the teacher stands in front of the room lecturing and having students absorb information from a textbook. Chalkboard and marker boards have been replaced with interactive boards, document cameras or projectors. All of these changes help promote personalized learning experiences and engage students in a more collaborative learning environment as they work together to explore academic concepts.

There has been a shift in more digitized lessons which provide more opportunities for differentiation. However, I am a huge advocate of what is known as “blending learning” in which educators incorporate traditional teaching practices with web-based learning. As children are growing up with technology both at home and at schools it has been reported that a deterioration of their motor skills has resulted due to too much touch-screen time and very little time spent learning how to hold a writing utensil. Moderation and variety are key for classrooms of all ages and abilities.

Smart classroom solution

The wireless display solution of BiJie smart classroom is based on BYOD interactive teaching application scene, which realizes the wireless display and screen sharing of mobile phones and computers, so that teachers and students can more flexibly and conveniently conduct the wireless display demonstration of courseware and teaching content, making teaching more vivid

About BiJie

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