The necessity of building smart classrooms

Smart classrooms are a form of digital classrooms and future smart classrooms. Smart classrooms are a new form of education that differs from traditional teaching methods; Students preview in advance before class, discuss in groups during class, and test at any time. Teachers can quickly grasp the learning situation of each student and provide targeted guidance; Using modern methods to integrate the entire teaching process, making the classroom simpler, more intelligent, and more effective, helps to develop students’ independent thinking and learning abilities.

The overall classroom teaching mode has changed, with computers, projectors, electronic whiteboards, physical exhibition booths, and real-time feedback systems forming a “smart classroom”. Through the smart classroom centralized control system, the teaching process of a class can be generated in real-time.

After class, the teacher will upload the generated “classroom” to the intelligent cloud platform. Students can log in to the school’s intelligent cloud platform through personal accounts provided by the school and review classroom content at any time… The rapid popularity of “smart classrooms” further illustrates that traditional teaching methods can no longer meet the needs of modern teaching.

Therefore, improving teaching methods is not only an important means to improve teaching efficiency, but also a major way to retain students’ focus. To improve teaching quality and efficiency, many schools have launched information-based teaching models.

“Smart Classroom”, as a new form of education and modern teaching method, is gradually being promoted and applied as a new modern smart classroom system based on Internet of Things technology that integrates smart teaching, personnel attendance, asset management, environmental smart regulation, video monitoring, and remote control. It is bound to become an effective component of promoting future school construction.

The construction of “smart classroom” provides a foundation and platform for the realization of “Internet plus”. It is obvious that classroom teaching is an important part of students receiving systematic education. Doing a good job in interactive teaching is the key to mastering the quality of teaching and improving teaching level. However, in the current teaching process, there are many problems with traditional check-in, question confirmation, interactive questioning, and classroom quizzes… The use of paper check-in during the check-in process is inefficient and there is a phenomenon of proxy signing, which makes it difficult for teachers to make statistics; In the interactive questioning and classroom quizzes, after the teacher gives a simple choice, students raise their hands or answer verbally, which cannot obtain accurate statistical data. The teacher can only judge whether to teach based on the overall situation, without accurate data, and cannot consider later data mining and statistical work.

The construction of “Smart Classroom”, including intelligent central control, intelligent podium, laser projector, nano blackboard, high-definition recording and broadcasting system, full coverage of WiFi, and student supporting mobile devices, not only shines brightly, but also deserves our special attention. The teaching of “Smart Classroom” has realized functions such as multi screen interaction, energy efficiency management, intelligent roll call, and automatic data collection, providing an exploration for information-based teaching modes and teaching methods, And it provides a positive and effective teaching and experimental environment for teachers and students majoring in educational technology and various teacher training majors.