There are 5 ways for your phone to project the screen to the projector:

First, use the projector’s built-in software wireless screen projection function. You can choose to download the IOS or Android version of the screen projection software on the corresponding brand’s official website, according to the projector model, such as the Gem screen projection.

Next, the projector device itself supports wireless projection. Turn on the projector, find the wireless projection screen, and turn on the Wi-Fi Display function. Then turn on the phone WIFI, search for the wifi signal sent by the projector, find and click on the wifi, and establish a connection.

Then, through the Type-c to HDMI cable projection screen. Plug the Type-c port directly into the phone and the HDMI port directly into the projector. After the connection is successful, the phone will automatically pop up a prompt, there is an analog keyboard and mouse and computer mode, click the corresponding mode and the screen will be successfully cast.

Finally, screen projection via USB to HDMI/VGA converter/line. Supports a variety of different models of mobile phones. First connect the HDMI cable to the projector. Then connect the usb male head to the charging head and plug it in. Finally, connect to the USB female head and mobile phone through the phone data cable. After the device is connected, open the phone Settings and turn on the USB network sharing function.

If you have an iPhone, use Apple’s screen mirroring feature. Search for AppleTV, select wireless projection device AP, and connect.